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A streamlined process to make it rain endless, relevant warm leads…

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It’s 2008, I’m 16, and most importantly, I’m a f**king money-making savant. For the past week or two, I’ve succeeded in making almost $400 a day. My enormous teenage ego is rapidly careening towards a megalomanic meltdown.

Not only am I making more cash than I’ve ever seen in my…

One of my most successful automations…

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I’m always looking for one-time optimizations that will pay dividends constantly into the future. Whether that’s design changes so that visitors navigate websites more effectively, wording changes that resonate with people more, or reducing the time a repetitive task takes.

Here’s one of my favourites for increasing the open rates…

Establishing “Virality Score”…

Luck depending; you're now 6-weeks into your Pinterest journey, maximum, and ready to fire an ungodly, server melting number of visitors directly at your website.

You’ve amassed 500+ followers, and have had over 25 repins achieve some level of viral growth (say 10,000+ impressions).

It’s time you stopped sending clicks…

For free, without a following.

What if there were a way to create a powerful pin, and have it go viral with someone else’s audience?

Without paying a dime.

As we briefly mentioned in our research lesson, this does exist.

They’re called “Group Boards”.

These are boards that more than one person can pin content…

Huge traffic in under 1 month.

Now that you’ve collected all of the most powerful content in every niche you want to target, we can now start your content machine.

We’ve completed half of the social media success formula:

  1. Having high-quality content (check).
  2. Posting that content consistently (not check).

Here’s where the “posted consistently” part comes…

Connor McCreesh | Viral Insta & Pinterest Hacks

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